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Rita Hi, I am Rita, the Front Office Adminstrator. When you walk into this office, I am the first person that you greet and you can bet that I will alway be cordial, personable and responsive for all aspects of your appointment, schedule, insurance and payment. I am always available to prepare you for your health care visits to see the doctor. Please don't hesitate to contact me for your OB-GYN appointments and assistances.
maryann As the OB-GYN doctor's assistant, I have a broad range of duties in assisting the doctor. I am MaryAnn and I truly enjoy the experience caring for our patients. In assisting the doctor, I am responsible for preparing patients for examination, checking their vital signs, sterilizing instruments, preparing specimens, keeping equipment operating, maintaining supplies and other duties as assigned. Whether you are a new patient or have been with us for years, I deeply appreciate your allowing us to be part of your health care service.
dr chambers I am Dr. Chambers and I am here to serve the needs of your health as the doctor. It is my obligation to provide the upmost .....