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Welcome, I am Dr. Chambers-Kersey and I thank you for visiting my website. Your visit to this site is likely due to your need for medical assistance offered at my office. I am available to diagnose and treat general disorders and diseases of the female reproductive system, recommend and prescribe birth control methods and deliver babies.

For the many years I have served as an OB - GYN physician, I have delivered hundreds of babies, and performed countless gynecological surgeries. Although the medical technology continues to advance, I still believe in performing the traditional methods in treating the emotional and physicological needs of my patients by focusing on the Total Woman Care.

It's not just the medicines, or the surgeries that cure the illness of my patients but the spiritual connection to the supreme also plays a curical role in the healing process of my patients. This is the segment of healing where the body's innate ability to heal using gentle assistance while I personalize health care, knowing that each individual is unique.

Delivering babies is another area of expertise that I have acquired years of experience in performing for mothers. I too am a mother and understanding the sensitivity that a woman goes through in having a child. If you are looking for someone of knowledge in the area of OB - GYN, I truly believe to be blessed with this gift of OB-GYN professionalism.

Please contact my office to assist you with your OB - GYN concerns and care. Thank you.